about guarantees

1. Warranty period

【Brand new】

・ 2 years from the date of purchase

【Second-hand goods】

・ From the date of purchase6Months (with some exceptions)

2. Guarantee

・ For functional defects (spontaneous failures) that occur under normal usage conditions, repairs will be made up to the tax-included selling price of the product only if the repaired product is brought in or sent within the valid period. We will bear the cost. However, this is only for the case where the purchaser himself requests repairs from our shop, and in any case, we will not bear the actual repair cost outside our shop. In addition, the customer is responsible for the shipping fee and various charges when sending.

・ However, in the following cases, it will be charged or not covered by the warranty.

  1. Items that have no particular effect on the original function, such as defective parts and appearance, internal scratches, dents, dust, mold, dirt, etc. that were checked before purchase.
  2. Failure or damage due to carelessness or improper handling.
  3. Failure or damage caused by mud, sand, water fog, etc.
  4. Failures and damages caused by natural disasters, fires, ground changes, etc.
  5. Failure, damage, mold, rust, alteration, discoloration, etc. caused by improper storage or improper maintenance.
  6. When consumable parts and consumable parts are damaged and need to be replaced.
  7. Failure or damage caused by intentional or gross negligence
  8. When repairs, processing (alteration, remodeling), etc. are performed outside our shop after purchase.
  9. Theft or loss.
  10. When our shop judges that it is acceptable in terms of quality and function.
  11. Failure or damage to the exterior of the case, belt, windshield, crown, etc.
  12. Damage to the winding core, top core, mainspring, etc.

3, others

Please note that replacement parts may be used for antique and some older products during warranty repairs.

◆ Please forgive the rental of replacements during the warranty repair period.

◆ The warranty is valid only in Japan. We cannot accept any requests from overseas.

◆ We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by product defects.