Purchase service


Flow of purchase at your visit

■STEP.1: Visit
Please inform the store staff that you would like to purchase.

■STEP.2: Purchase Assessment
We will check the status of the watch you bring in and present the appraisal price.

■STEP.3: Purchase procedure
If you agree to the appraisal price, please fill out the purchase application form and copy your ID.

■STEP.4: Payment
After completing the procedure, payment will be made in cash on the spot.

Identification is required at the time of purchase Only if the current address is listed within the expiration date.
◆Driver's license
◆Insurance card
* For health insurance cards, student ID cards, credit cards, and cash cards, two copies are required.

In addition, please note that we cannot accept returns or refunds of watches that have been bought once. If, after the conclusion of the purchase agreement, the Company determines that the product is fraudulent (all products that the consumer deems to be outside our resale standards, such as copy products, similar products, and products that consumers misreadact after resale), the Company will cancel the purchase agreement and request a full refund of the purchase amount.